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Our mission is to foster knowledgeable, caring communities, which ensure quality services and support for people affected by HIV/AIDS

The Basics


Human Immunodeficiency Virus affects certain white blood cells—CD4 T cells—that manage human immune system responses.  -- Having AIDS means that the virus has weakened the immune system to the point at which the body has a difficult time fighting infections.


HIV/Hepatitis C Testing

The Rural AIDS Action Network provides free, confidential or anonymous HIV and Hepatitis C testing

Medical Case Management

This includes intake and assessment, service planning, monitoring and medical care coordination.


RAAN offers a monthly food voucher lottery for qualifying clients.


Medical Transportation Assistance is only for medically related trips and covers mileage reimbursement.

Support Groups

Support Group options are available to men and women living with HIV/AIDS through RAAN at locations around the state.

Syringe Exchanges

RAAN offers syringe exchange services in our  Duluth and Mankato offices.


A Message about COVID-19.

Rural AIDS Action Network (RAAN) has been monitoring updates and information about the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to share our current plans for programs and how it may impact you. ...

Free Narcan (naloxone) at any RAAN location

  In response to the nationwide opiate epidemic, RAAN has reached out to partner with other agencies in developing our overdose prevention response.   RAAN has made naloxone/Narcan kits available statewide ...
Our mission
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